• skincare: natural vs. synthetic

    Navigating the world of skincare can be daunting to begin with. Throw in ingredients you can’t pronounce & greenwashing – even more confusion is bound to arise. A few tips on how to differentiate synthetic vs natural skincare.

  • Boheme x well kept collabotation, pictured with custom packaging

    Bohème x WK

    We are so excited to share the collaboration that we have been working on with Sarah Shabacon of Bohème Goods. A portion of proceeds from this collaboration will directly support the Nature Trust of BC.

  • The Eco Hub & CTV Your Morning

    handy swaps for cutting down on plastic

    This past Monday morning we were lucky to have Candice Batista of The Eco Hub on CTV’s Your Morning sharing a few different product swaps to cut down on plastic.

  • all you need to know about shaving your bikini line

    summer is in full force and we’ve put together some of our top tips and tricks to prevent the dreaded ingrown hairs and razor burn that haunt us throughout this bikini season…

  • environmental benefits of well kept safety razor

    Environmental Benefits of the Safety Razor

    Tried and true, the safety razor is an excellent alternative to your disposable, plastic razor. One of the simplest beauty swaps you can make to cut down on your environmental footprint.

  • how to shave with a safety razor

    Another post that’s been on my TODO list forever: how to shave with a safety razor. I get asked all the time, quickly followed with comments such as, “I’m scared!” or “I’m nervous!” I get it, I was too! But here’s the secret… there is no secret. It’s easy! You literally shave the exact same …

  • well kept x LITCHFIELD

    Jonathon Litchfield is a man of impeccable taste and his shop is stunning. We were thrilled when he agreed to lend us his aesthetic guidance for our newest collection. Launching today and available only while quantities last.

  • how to put together/change the blade of your safety razor

    We get so many questions about how to put together/change the blade of our safety razors and I’ve been meaning to explain it all for ages but my TODO list never gets shorter ***sigh*** and for some reason I’ve been putting it off. Well no longer. Here it is, short and sweet because in fact, …

  • well kept safety razor

    Safety Razor FAQ

    Safety razors aren’t new to us, but they are new to you so we wanted to answer YOUR questions. Thank you for submitting them, we’ve answered them all below. If you have more questions – feel free to ask and we will add them plus answers here. Your questions – Our answers Safety Razor Technique …

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