• Breaking Beauty talks body hair acceptance & removal

    Breaking Beauty has a new episode out where co-founders Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins are talking all about body hair acceptance and the best hair removal products out there.

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  • a few beaches worth visiting this summer

    Nat and I are huge believers in the fact that writing things down instantly increases their likelihood of happening. I put together a list of beaches I plan to check out this summer.

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  • Nineteen Ten – One of Our Favourite Retailers

        One of my favourite parts of starting this business BY FAR has been meeting our retailers. I’ve always loved well curated brick and mortar shops and among my absolute favourites has to be Nineteen Ten. I was a fan long before well kept started so was over the moon when Jenn and Amy …

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  • forage & sustain – your guide to living more consciously

    I came across Arti Jalan’s online journal ‘Forage & Sustain’ on instagram and instantly fell in love. That might sound a bit extreme, but it’s true. Her aesthetic is perfect so I was immediately attracted to all her visuals and very quickly realized that her mission and ethics were 100% aligned with my own. Forage …

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