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THE SET - all 3 dopp kits

Dopp Kit - also known as overnight bag or toiletries kit - made from the same durable waxed cotton as our razor wraps. These bags are ideal for storing your toiletries (or whatever else) at home or on-the-go. 

Hands down coolest part is that when in use, you can roll the bags down to act as little baskets - no more rooting around in the depths hoping to land your fingers on what you're after!

THE SET - for those of you who just can't choose. Large, medium and small dopp kits in STONE, NATURAL and MOSS respectively.

- made of durable waxed cotton
- simple lunch bag design with snap closure
- available in three sizes & colours
- made in Vancouver, Canada

[ large L9" x W4" x H7" ]
[ medium L7" x W3" x H5.5" ]
[ small 
L5.5" x W3" x H4.75" ]