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Blade Bank

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ingredients stainless steel

Our blade bank is an easy and safe way to store your used blades—and our blade bank program makes recycling them easy. When your blade bank is full, send it back to us to recycle, and we’ll give you a new, empty blade bank in return.

  • the most convenient way to store and recycle your used blades
  • fill it up and then send it back to us to recycle—and we’ll send you a new blade bank back
  • compact size holds 80–100 used blades
Our blade bank can’t be opened, making it one of the safest ways to store your used blades. Just get in touch with us when it’s full and we’ll let you know what to do next.

How to use

Pop all your used blades into the blade bank and when it’s full (holds 80-100), send it back to us and we’ll send you a new one to fill up.

Made with, made without

Our blade bank is simple, uncomplicated, and intentional. It’s made completely from stainless steel—no plastic here.


Our blade bank comes without packaging.

Ethical Production

Our blade banks are made ethically in small batches in an ISO-certified factory.

End of Life

When you’re done with your used razor blades and blade bank, send it back to us and we’ll take care of the rest. We send your whole blade bank (blades included) to be melted down and recycled with scrap metal.

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