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safety razor Q&A

Safety razors aren’t new to us, but they are new to you so we wanted to answer YOUR questions. Thank you for submitting them, we’ve answered them all below.

If you have more questions – feel free to ask and we will add them plus answers here.


Replacement blades for safety razors – I’m so used to getting the same old refills for my razor, but I don’t know anything about the blades for safety razors. Tell me more!
Where can you get new blades?
Is there a standard type of blade?
Is it easy to find and purchase new blades?
Where can you buy new blades, do you have that option to purchase?

All safety razor blades fit, and you can find them at your nearest drugstore or order them in bulk online or from us of course.
And bonus – Replacement blades for safety razors are actually cheaper than typical Gillette and Venus refills!
There’s a bunch of different types so you’ll find what works best for you. We sell Astra, which are our personal favourite, but you can actually buy a variety pack to test a bunch of options!

How do you change the blade?

It’s really simple to change the blade as the handle unscrews from the top and then you insert the blade. Just be careful to hold the blade on the not-sharp edges.
For the easiest change – put all the pieces on the counter top while you are switching them out. We wouldn’t recommend changing blades in the shower.
We’ll be posting a how-to video soon! Promise!

I’m so pleased to see that you’ve added these to your beautiful product line! I’ve considered buying one of your original razors but decided to research safety razors instead (less plastic waste). Any tips on technique and recycling the blades? 

Yes! We are so excited that these handles have no plastic and the blades also are plastic free and recyclable.
We recommend collecting all the used blades in a small tin (an old altoid tin works perfect) and then dropping them off at your local recycling depot.

Trying to implement a zero waste lifestyle and these razors are the perfect solution! One of my only concerns is storing the blade and having to assemble each time. I’m scared of cuts! What can I do? 

No need to assemble each time. Just replace the blade every 5-7 shaves as you would with a multi-blade cartridge razor.
We recommend doing this before you get in the shower with dry hands to make sure nothing is slippery and avoid any cuts.
The trick is to tighten the head by holding the corners.

I’m curious about storage, and also travel… can they come in my carry on luggage when traveling by air?

You can keep them in your shower as you normally would, and store spare blades in the cupboard.
As for carry on – we don’t think you’re allowed any kind of razor blade in carry on luggage so these likely wouldn’t be different. You could bring the handle though and then purchase blades on arrival.


Do they work as well as the other razors you have?

We would have to say that they are a superior shave to any multi-blade razor that we have used. The shave is smoother and lasts longer.

I wonder if it feels better using a heavier razor rather than the light plastic razors. Also, does a single blade work better than a multi-bladed razor? And how long do you use the blade for?

The blade is good for about 5-7 shaves (same recommendation as a multi-blade cartridge). Using a single blade means far less irritation for your skin.

Is there less irritation with a safety razor?!

Absolutely! We find with one blade and oil there is little to no irritation!

What is the best angle to use them at – l would like to know the technique and the best way to use it.

Honestly, although they might seem intimidating at first, you really use them exactly like your current razor. Hold the handle at a 45-degree angle and gently slide across the skin. Our biggest recommendation would be to not apply any pressure–let the weight of the razor do the work for you. We also suggest long slow strokes rather than quick, short ones. 

What are the major differences one must consider before using this type of razor? Can I just go at it?
Do you just use them like normal??

We would suggest starting slow to get comfortable with how lightly you can hold the razor. Because there is a sharp blade we wouldn’t suggest rushing through the shaving process. These blades are sharper than some disposable blades, which is why a more considered approach is recommended.
Otherwise – if you’ve shaved before, you should be good to go for it!

Love your line so much! Definitely worry about cutting myself more because of the different weight balance of a safety razor, but I’d love to try it out.

It’s intimidating at first – but you’ll soon realize how easy it is! Just take it slow to start.

I love the new colours and designs! Plus, I love how they contribute to a plastic-free lifestyle. My only concern/fear is being too intimidated to use it for those extra sensitive areas (ie. armpits)! Are they quite easy and gentle to use?

While we can’t speak for all skin types, we’ve found the safety razor to cause less irritation and have been able to use it in armpits problem free.

Do you have to use a special soap when shaving with a safety razor?

You don’t have to use a special soap with the safety razor, but we recommend using a shave oil because it moisturizes as you shave and leaves your skin feeling extra nourished, smooth and way less dry than traditional soap!

I guess I hesitate since I don’t know enough! What upkeep is there? What is the cost? I would love to get onboard 🙂

The initial cost of the razor is greater, but the blades are a fraction of the cost (as low as $0.10 if you buy in bulk compared to $3-6 for multi-blade cartridges; it doesn’t take long to make up the difference!)

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