• The Eco Hub & CTV Your Morning

    handy swaps for cutting down on plastic

    This past Monday morning we were lucky to have Candice Batista of The Eco Hub on CTV’s Your Morning sharing a few different product swaps to cut down on plastic.

  • all you need to know about shaving your bikini line

    summer is in full force and we’ve put together some of our top tips and tricks to prevent the dreaded ingrown hairs and razor burn that haunt us throughout this bikini season…

  • a few beaches worth visiting this summer

    Nat and I are huge believers in the fact that writing things down instantly increases their likelihood of happening. I put together a list of beaches I plan to check out this summer.

  • keep the beach well kept

    This summer, whenever we are frequenting the beach or parks (which will be a lot) we will do our part to #KeepTheBeachWellKept. Join us by sharing your photos of your garbage clean up – you might find yourself winning something.

  • environmental benefits of well kept safety razor

    Environmental Benefits of the Safety Razor

    Tried and true, the safety razor is an excellent alternative to your disposable, plastic razor. One of the simplest beauty swaps you can make to cut down on your environmental footprint.

  • Are plastic razors the next plastic straw? well kept in the globe and mail

    are plastic razors the new plastic straw?

    Adam McDowell recently wrote an article in the Globe and Mail asking this question and digging into the plastic free shaving movement.

  • well kept featured on CTV the Social - green beauty products that are good for you and the environment

    green beauty products that are good for you and the environment

    Green Beauty expert Michelle Bilodeau was on the CTV’s The Social highlighting some of her favourite minimal waste beauty products.

  • how to shave with a safety razor

    Another post that’s been on my TODO list forever: how to shave with a safety razor. I get asked all the time, quickly followed with comments such as, “I’m scared!” or “I’m nervous!” I get it, I was too! But here’s the secret… there is no secret. It’s easy! You literally shave the exact same …

  • well kept x LITCHFIELD

    Jonathon Litchfield is a man of impeccable taste and his shop is stunning. We were thrilled when he agreed to lend us his aesthetic guidance for our newest collection. Launching today and available only while quantities last.

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