safety razor – DUSTY ROSE


This solid brass safety razor comes with one blade.

We are pretty biased, but there are three main reasons to make the switch:
– Superior shave with reduced irritation
– Sustainable, plastic free alternative
– More cost effective in the long run

And if you weren’t convinced yet, these razors can be used with a shave oil, allowing you to shave and moisturize simultaneously.

tips and tricks here:
how to assemble a safety razor
how to shave with a safety razor

(3 customer reviews)
  1. Erica

    I love this razor.

    The shave is so close and leaves your legs feeling extremely smooth. I’ll never go back to a regular razor.

    The rose colour is beautiful too, a feminine touch to a product that’s traditionally viewed as manly.

  2. Danielle

    Love the color! Great shave as well 😃 I would recommend!

  3. Olivia

    The best shave! I’m so happy with the product!

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