safety razor kit – DUSTY ROSE


The safety razor kit comes in a beautiful wooden box and includes:
– solid brass safety razor (dusty rose)
– 4 oz shave oil
– agave exfoliating cloth
– pack of 5 blades

Safety razors are gentler on your skin, dramatically decreasing irritation due to their single blade. These razors can be used with a shave oil – allowing you to shave and moisturize simultaneously.

tips and tricks here:
how to assemble a safety razor
how to shave with a safety razor

(3 customer reviews)
  1. Susan H

    This is the best razor I have ever used! I have incredibly sensitive skin, to the point where it was almost not worth shaving my legs. I never have sore bumpy legs anymore and will never use a different razor.

    I now look forward to using my exfoliating cloth on my legs (yay no mircoplastics!), and using the shave oil to have soft legs that don’t itch after shaving.

    I also love that I am not using up more plastic when I shave, and have found a local store that recycles the blades.

  2. Erin Kirkland (verified owner)

    I bought this kit a few months ago and I have been absolutely loving it!

    The razor gives a super close shave and after using it once or twice I find it as easy and convenient as the disposable razors I was using before. It leaves my skin nice and smooth and I haven’t experienced any razor burn at all. I really like that there is no plastic waste involved in my shaving routine now too!

    The shaving oil smells incredible and not too strong either. It leaves my legs feeling nice and soft after shaving.

  3. Erica (verified owner)

    Such a great purchase!
    After selling safety razors to men at a shop I worked in I finally made the purchase myself with this kit and I love it.

    The razor is a seriously great shave, my legs are always so smooth after. I watched a few videos about proper shaving first and took my time my first time and have not cut myself or experienced any discomfort.

    The shave oil is amazing, and I LOVE the smell of rosemary so that’s a bonus.

    All in all worth taking the plunge for!

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