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Bohème x well kept

We are so excited to share the Boheme x well kept collaboration that we have been working on with Sarah Shabacon of Bohème Goods.

We’ve been long time fans of Sarah’s aesthetic and her taste in vintage through Bohème, plus she has the cutest kids so how can you not follow along and be a little bit obsessed…? Beyond her design aesthetic, we appreciate how much value she places on sustainability and her connection to the environment around her.

It was really important for both of us in this collaboration to have a portion of proceeds going back to the environment that we care so much about. That is why we’ve decided to donate a portion of proceeds of each razor to The Nature Trust of BC. This leading non-profit is a land conservation organization that protects the natural riches of the province by building a treasury of wild natural areas to conserve iconic and important species at risk.

If you’re not familiar with Sarah, you can get to know her more below. And if you are familiar, you can fan girl a little more… 😉


What are some events or things in your life that have made you care so much about sustainability?

I attended a screening of Cowspiracy hosted by the Juice Trunk & Erin Ireland back in 2015 and it was the reason I became vegan. Sustainability goes hand in hand with all aspects and I really do think that as we develop into more conscious human beings, our eyes are opened to all the ways we can have a positive impact. In this process I realized how terrible fast fashion is and it’s impact on the earth and the people making the clothing, and my world grew tenfold, there’s an abundance of information and ethical, sustainable companies in every possible category and once you’ve made the decision to be more sustainable, it becomes second nature.

I chose to support The Nature Trust because they work so hard to protect and maintain the beauty that is BC. They create safe havens for vulnerable wildlife and plants in BC and conserve land throughout the province to do their part in maintaining the eco system.


How do we co-exist in nature in a time when consumption is at its highest?

When we begin to consume responsibly, it allows us the chance to lessen our environmental footprint. Whether that means avoiding impulse purchases, shopping locally or second hand, every choice we make can either help us co-exist with nature for better or worse.


What conversations should we be having with friends, family, children about sustainability?

The climate crisis is a harsh reality for many people, and out of fear or lack of understanding what it is, they might laugh it off or tell you it’s not real. The best thing we can do is to talk openly about it and all the positive ways we can work together and as individuals to create a positive shift towards sustainability.


What do you want to leave behind?

The feeling that sustainability can be a natural part of life and nothing to worry over.


You have a very distinct look and feel to your styling, photography and design and that shows through in this razor – where do you think you’ve drawn inspiration for this aesthetic from?

Our travels and the shades of the countries we visit are interwoven into where I see beauty and how I interpret it into my aesthetic. The sun faded walls, old tiling and even the different patterns and textures of the shells our sons collect on the beach are all images that are always in my mind.


What do you love about the safety razor?

Since switching to the safety razor, I’m more mindful when I shave and it’s become something much more of a ritual than a hassle. Being able to just swap out the razor blades every few days instead of consuming and wasting more plastic is the best part.


The limited edition Bohème x WK safety razor is sold out, but you can still shop our other razor colours here.



About The Nature Trust:

The Nature Trust of BC is a leading non-profit land conservation organization that protects the natural riches of the province by building a treasury of wild natural areas to conserve iconic and important species at risk.

They acquire and care for more than 480 conservation properties covering 175,000 acres (71,000 hectares) across BC. Treasured places like the Salmon River with its abundance of fish, birds and elk on Vancouver Island, Boundary Bay on the flight path of hundreds of thousands of migrating birds in the Lower Mainland, the White Lake Basin which is home to many species at risk in the Okanagan, and the magnificent 10,000 acre Hoodoos property in the Kootenays are protected for future generations.

BC is endowed with the highest number of species of any province or territory in Canada. Yet, 43% of these species are on the watch lists because of low or dwindling populations. Saving their habitat is the first step in protecting our wildlife, fish and plants.

Learn more about The Nature Trust here.