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Safety Razor Q&A

We’ve done a lot of shaving in the name of research, so if you have a question, there’s a good chance we’ve got the answer. Everytime we get a new question, we’ll add it to our FAQ below.

Safety Razor Shaving Technique

Can I shave with this razor just like a multi blade disposable razor?

We get it—safety razor blades can feel a little intimidating if you’ve never used them before. Trust us though, once you spend some time getting to know them, you’ll feel much more comfortable. Start slowly to get comfortable with how lightly you can hold the razor. Our blades are a lot sharper than most disposable blades, so be gentle and take your time. We recommend using small, light strokes to shave your hair and that’s it. If you’ve shaved before, then you should be good to go!

What is the best angle to use a safety razor at?

Don’t overthink it. You can use our razor the same way you do your current razor—hold the handle at no more than a 30 degree angle, and gently glide it over your skin. If your blade is sharp, you shouldn’t have to apply any pressure, and we recommend using long, slow strokes rather than short, quick ones.

Is there less irritation with a safety razor?!

Yes! We find with one blade and shave oil, there is hardly any to none-at-all irritation.

Do they work as well as other razors?

We think our safety razor offers a superior shave to any multi-blade razor we’ve ever used. The shave is definitely smoother and lasts longer.

Do you have to use a special soap when shaving with a safety razor?

No, you can use any soap that lathers well but we do recommend using shave oil because it moisturizes as your shave and leaves your skin feeling nourished, smooth, and less dry than traditional soap. 

Changing and Recycling Blades

How do you change the blade?

It’s easy when you know how. Check out our full instructions and video on assembling your razor here. We suggest you change your blade before you get into the bath or shower with dry hands to make sure nothing is slippery and avoid cuts. Also, be sure to tighten the head of your razor by holding the corners, away from the sharp blade.

Where can I get new blades?

Our safety razor works with any safety razor blade and you can find those at your local drugstore or on our website. We sell Astra blades but because blades cost cents rather than dollars, you can try other brands to find your favourite without too much of a financial commitment.

Any tips on recycling the blade?

Oh, do we have a tip—meet our blade bank program. Collect all your used blades in our blade bank and then send them back to us and not only will we recycle your blades and the bank, we’ll send you a new one to fill up, too—for free.

How long does a blade last? 

Our blades are good for 5-8 shaves, so there’s no need to change them every time, which is similar to a multi-cartridge razor. 

Other Safety Razor Questions

What’s the cost? 

The initial cost of the razor is more but the blades are a fraction of the cost—as low as ten cents if you buy in bulk, compared to $3-6 for multi-blade cartridges.

How do I store my safety razor?

Just like you would do with other razors, keep our safety razor and blades out of reach of children. Since it is brass, you can leave it in the shower, but try not to let it sit in a pool of water for extended periods of time. For travel, we recommend storing your razor and blades safely in our razor wrap and popping it in your checked luggage. 

How do I clean my razor and blades?

When you are changing your blade, or every few shaves, take the time to open up all the pieces of the razor and give them a good rinse and scrub with soapy water. After this, lay them all out to dry before assembling again. 

Where can I buy them? 

You can purchase our safety razor on our site—or at one of our lovely stockists.