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Well Kept safety razor

Sustainable alternative

Our safety razor isn’t only kinder on the earth—it’s kinder on your skin too. The weighted brass handle allows you to shave without pressure and a single blade offers the closest shave while reducing irritation, ingrown hairs, and razor burn.

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Reason 1 Experience a better shave

Our safety razor works with one single, sharp blade that cuts hair close to the skin on the first pass, offering a smooth, irritation-free shave. The weighted handle applies the perfect amount of pressure, gliding effortlessly over your skin without pressure or tugging—which means no more razor burn.

Reason 2 It’s a sustainable alternative.

When cared for properly, our brass safety razor will last a lifetime. It works with plastic-free, stainless steel razor blades that can be recycled through our blade bank program, and all our packaging is recyclable or compostable, too.

Reason 3 We design intentionally.

Your self-care essentials can be both functional and beautiful. Our safety razor comes in a handful of muted colours that look at home on a curated bathroom shelf. It’s simple, long-lasting, and made in Canada.

A better shave for everyone.
Our safety razor is made for all hair types, skin types, and bodies. You can use it on your legs, face, bikini area—and anywhere else your hair grows. Find a moment, slow down, and take time to enjoy the ritual and experience of shaving.

Facts on Sustainability

On average, one person may dispose of over 96 razors in their lifetime. On a global scale, that’s billions of plastic razors being sent to landfill every single year.

Our safety razor is made from brass and is designed to last for a long (long) time. It comes in plastic-free packaging and our stainless steel blades can be recycled through our blade bank program. All of our products are packed and shipped from our studio in Vancouver, using only recyclable materials like FSC-certified papers and mycelium, which is a fancy word for mushroom.

"It’s a game changer! My skin is healthier now and not dried out after shaving anymore!! I couldn’t be happier with my Well Kept razor! I absolutely love this product."
— Bonnie
"Thrilled with this purchase! Wanted a more sustainable option than disposable razors and couldn’t be happier. Great customer service. Shipped quickly. Appreciated the minimal and environmentally-friendly packaging. Clearly a high quality product. Easy to use and pretty to look at! Love it! Worth the price!"
— Meagan
“I have been slowly but surely transitioning to a lower impact life and was so thrilled when I discovered Well Kept! Beyond that, the razor offers such a smooth shave! I was pleasantly surprised, as I had never used a single blade before. I will never go back to disposable blades.”
— Carter
"This is the best razor I have ever used! I have incredibly sensitive skin, to the point where it was almost not worth shaving my legs. I never have sore bumpy legs anymore and will never use a different razor. I now look forward to using my exfoliating cloth on my legs (yay no mircoplastics!), and using the shave oil to have soft legs that don’t itch after shaving. I also love that I am not using up more plastic when I shave, and have found a local store that recycles the blades."
— Susan
Blade Comparison


the first blade pulls the hair taut

the next blade cuts the hair at a sharp angle

subsequent blades can cut the hair even shorter but depending on the amount of pressure you use, can remove a thin layer of skin

when you remove skin and not just hair, say hello to ingrowns

the multi-blade design allows you to experience a close shave long after the blades are dull—this means you use more pressure when shaving and remove more skin

removing skin along with your hair results in irritation, ingrown hairs, and razor burn

you can’t recycle plastic razors or blades

the ‘conditioning’ strip on these razor blades are usually made of synthetic ingredients that dry your skin out

ever fallen in love with a sparkly, plastic disposable razor? Us neither.

Single blade

one single sharp blade offers a close shave on the first pass, reducing irritation

the weighted handle provides the perfect pressure so you don’t need to press or tug on your skin as you shave

this reduces irritation (read: say goodbye to razor burn and ingrowns)

safety blades don’t glide as easy when they need to be replaced, so you can always feel when it’s time for a new one

when you need to replace your blades, they cost cents not dollars

stainless steel blades are plastic free and fully recyclable

our razors are made for every body—and cost the same however you identify

Getting started with your safety razor?
Our how-to page might help.

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In the moment

Slow down. Find a moment. Stay a little longer. Our safety razor isn’t like other razors—it requires a little more care and attention which keeps you in the moment for longer. Be intentional with your time and create space to turn your shaving routine into ritual.

Our safety razor is simple, minimal, and thoughtfully designed. It looks as good as your skin feels.