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While many of you are just starting this whole work from home thing... Emilie and I have been doing it for a while so here are some of our tips on keeping productive and focused while working from home.

Get dressed & brush your teeth 

The joys of working in your pjs are exciting at first, but we can assure you after a week of wearing the same thing you will realize how overrated it is. Get up and have an official start to your day by getting dressed and sitting down for work.

Set blocks of time to get things done

There are a lot of distractions around the house and it’s easy to start working and then go make a cup of tea, and a snack, do some laundry and an hour later you’ve forgotten what you were working on. Instead, try working with time blocks – sit down and tell yourself - I’m doing this for the next 45 mins, no breaks.

Turn your phone off during these work blocks 

Avoid the Instagram black hole at all costs while you’re trying to be productive, we know how easy it is to get deep….

Keep moving

Working from home means the farthest you might walk in the day is from the couch to the fridge. Try to keep your body moving and your blood flowing by doing random movements on that fridge walk - get up and do 10 lunges, stop and do 10 push-ups, an hour later a few jumping jacks. It might feel weird at first, but throughout the day your body will feel a lot better.

Likewise, get some fresh air

Whether that’s opening a window, getting out on your patio or going for a quick walk outside (keeping mind of safe social distance). Being inside your home for 72+ hrs straight isn’t normal and won’t feel good without a bit of fresh air.

Make a nice “work zone” and keep your work there

As comfy as the couch is.... having a workspace will keep your work and focused time there with less chance of getting distracted.

Turn it off at the end of your work day.

It’s so easy to work all hours (trust us we do...) but at some point you have to turn it off and get back into ‘home-mode’ even though you’ve been home all day. Set yourself a cut off time, eg. 6pm and turn everything off at 6pm and start making dinner or do something completely non-work related.

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