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the ugly ducklings

We’re very excited to be bringing back the Ugly Duckling sale this year. For those of you unfamiliar, the ugly ducklings are our almost-but-not-quite-perfect products that, for one reason or another, have been deemed unfit for our inventory—but don’t be deterred…

We have incredibly high standards, especially when it comes to quality control and consistency in product finish, so while you might not notice a flaw on a product, we will. Anything that is below our finishing standard is put to the side as an ‘Ugly Duckling.’ Truth be told, all of the ‘flaws’ on our Ugly Ducklings are purely aesthetic and don’t actually affect the function of the product whatsoever. From a sustainability perspective, we don’t want these to go to waste.

The Ugly Ducklings constitute primarily razors & razor wraps whose potential deficiencies I’ve outlined below. We’ll also have extremely limited stock of our bath line from sample sets that have been sent to trade shows over the past year and may have suffered a bump or two along the way (again, visual defects only!).

What is ‘wrong’ with the razors?

The razors in the Ugly Ducklings sale have small marks on the paint. Otherwise, the razor is exactly the same as our regularly priced razors and functions just as it normally would.

Paint Speckles
When the razors are painted, the paint gun sprays them with their respective colour and sometimes the paint gun has a few remnants of the previous colour in it. These come out as tiny specks of paint on the razor–you might see some of these speckles on our rose and cream razors.

Paint Thickness
Depending on how long the paint gun is held on the razor or how evenly the paint is applied, sometimes there are inconsistencies in the thickness of the paint. You might notice this on some of the black razors where the paint is slightly thinner than it should be, and you can see a little glimmer of the brass showing through the paint.

Dust Particles
And not often, but occasionally a little dust particle floats through the air and lands on the razor right before it gets painted. These show up as a little bump on the razor.

Again, all these things are purely aesthetic and don’t prevent the razor from giving you the best shave. And to be honest, they are very, very minimal­—when we were sorting through our Ugly Ducklings for this sale, we had a hard time actually finding the defects that we had originally put them aside for! 

What's 'wrong' with the razor wraps & dopp kits?

Similar to the razors, these products function perfectly but aren’t aesthetically up to our standards. With natural fabrics and waxed cotton, there is always some variation in the material itself. Usually, our sewers try to ensure they aren’t cutting from areas that have any natural discolouration, but we can’t always get it perfect. So, these ugly ducklings have slight colour variations on them but otherwise function perfectly.


Long story short, our standards are extremely high when it comes to aesthetics—all of the above almost-but-not-quite-perfect products have the exact same function and usability as their perfect counterparts :)

Shop our Ugly Ducklings here while they last!