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Things you may not know about your scented candles

It’s drizzling for the first time here in Vancouver which is really playing into my excitement for all things fall. One of those very exciting things is candles. While I may light a candle here and there during the Spring and Summer months, for me they’re best suited to the cozy moody vibes of fall/winter. We quietly launched candles last holiday season as they came a little late—supply chain issues *sigh.* As with everything we create, these candles were designed with both our sustainability and aesthetic values top of mind. I wanted to take a moment to share a bit about them and what sets them apart.

To highlight what we’ve done differently, I’m going to start with a quick rundown of standard scented candles. While there is nothing inherently wrong with them, there are some things to be aware of that could pose potential concerns:

 /  CHEMICAL INGREDIENTS  -  Many scented candles on the market contain synthetic fragrances and chemicals. Some of these chemicals, such as phthalates and formaldehyde, can be harmful when released into the air and may contribute to indoor air pollution.

/  SOOT EMISSIONS  -  Some candles, especially those made from paraffin wax, can produce soot when burned. This soot can accumulate on walls, ceilings, and ventilation systems, leading to air quality issues and potential health concerns. Choosing cleaner-burning candle options like soy or beeswax can help reduce soot emissions.

/  ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT  -  Many standard scented candles are made from paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum. The production and burning of paraffin wax candles contribute to carbon emissions and environmental pollution.

We knew from the outset we wanted our candles to be made from simple natural ingredients to align with the rest of our products. What we didn’t know was that finding just the right wax blend would be so tricky! We landed on a mix of soy and coconut wax that I can happily report  burns beautifully. Synthetic fragrances were out of the question, so it took us a good while to land on the perfect blend of natural essential oils that would create both a pleasant aroma as well as a strong scent throw. Finally, I’d been gifted a wood wick candle the year before and wanted to incorporate that feature for its lovely crackling effect.

While I love a glass vessel as much as the next, I wanted something that would set us apart, something subtle and understated that would seamlessly blend in with beautiful interiors. We landed on a simple engraved metal canister that I think does a wonderful job of the above.

Our candles come in three scents:

EXUDE  -  earthy mix of patchouli, black pepper, coriander & ginger essential oils blend to create an intoxicating aroma. Smells like confidence.

STRAY  -  A crisp blend is a woodsy mix of spruce, cedarwood, cypress & vetiver. Explore someplace new.

AROUSE  -  A heady blend of rose, amyris, black pepper & sage stimulates the senses. Warm to the touch.


We hope you enjoy the ritual of light becoming fragrance with these intentionally crafted scented candles.