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wk muse – Claudia Rudek

Another beautiful creator who agreed to help us launch our new branding: Claudia Rudek. Claudia's beautiful account makes me want to sell all of my earthly belongings and move to Europe to start over. She seems to always be travelling to dreamy destinations and enjoying wholesome fun with friends. Nothing is over the top fancy, yet somehow she makes the simplest things and places the most magical...

Your name:

Self-proclaimed profession/raison d’être/what sets you alive/how you define yourself:
I am Art Director and founder of @the.smoun 
I love being creative in every form. 

Where are you from and where are you now?
I have german polish roots and I am living in Germany (Hamburg)

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
Opening the curtains to get some morning light in my bedroom.

Would you say you are more routine or ritual? 

What age did you start shaving? What made you start?
I remember when I started plucking my first hairs from my knees. I was 14 then or maybe younger. I think I felt weird having just a few hairs on my legs so I wanted to remove them haha.

Why do you shave now?
I love the feeling of being fresh shaved and putting some body butter afterwards. The feeling of soft skin afterwards is sooo good. 

What does beauty mean to you?
For me beauty means loving yourself as you are, but also being nice and helpful to others - having a beautiful character :)

How do you incorporate beauty into your every day? 
I meet regularly with my friends we do sleepovers - this quality time is beauty for my soul :) but also I am a very aesthetic person so i love to have a nice/beautiful home.

What’s something you can’t live without?
My fiance :)

What words do you live by?
Be happy about what is. Stay open for what is to come. Life is beautiful!

What are you most proud of?
My mom–for raising me as a widowed mother at age of 23.

What does the word ‘sustainability’ mean to you?
For me sustainability means reducing my use of plastic, buying from small businesses, staying regional and trying to avoid driving my car unnecessarily. Caring about our planet in general.

Easiest sustainable habit you’ve managed to incorporate?
Using reusable bags when grocery shopping, washable facial wipes and solid shampoo.

Any unsustainable habits you’re trying to break? (none of us are perfect!)
Buying less clothes! 

Book/song/movie you’ve recently recommended to someone?
The book "Eleven minutes" by paolo coelho. It is sooo beautiful! Highly recommend :) 

Head to Claudia's PROFILE for endless inspiration AND a chance to win a KELP safety razor. Giveaway will run until 4:00pm, Friday October 22nd.