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wk muse – Hannah Lord

I came across Hannah's instagram account last year and knew I wanted to work with her immediately. Her images are stunning and her California lifestyle is the absolute dreamiest. For any and all seeking aesthetic inspiration, this is your girl! 

Your name: 
Hannah Faith Lord

Self-proclaimed profession/raison d’être/what sets you alive/how you define yourself... 
Creative director and photographer

Where are you from and where are you now? 
Born and raised in Minnesota, now living in LA.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? 
My morning skin routine has become my morning ritual.

Would you say you are more routine or ritual? 

What age did you start shaving? What made you start?
I actually was so scared to start shaving because I thought I would just cut myself up.  I finally started at 16 because my friends started commenting on my armpit hair (which is now socially acceptable).

Why do you shave now?  
I like to have smooth skin but definitely back the all natural ladies out there.

What does beauty mean to you?
To me, beauty comes from within.  People’s personalities and how they treat others is more beautiful than outward looks.

How do you incorporate beauty into your every day?
I take care of my skin and my mind and try to exercise my body doing the things I love.

What’s something you can’t live without? 
Air. I’d actually die.

What words do you live by? 
You have a path, follow it.

What are you most proud of?  
My creative journey.  I went through a very low point in life where I didn’t think I would make it through.  Being able to look back and see how far I’ve come is really rewarding.

What is the best piece of advice you have received? 
You can always make money but you can never get time back.

What does the word ‘sustainability’ mean to you? 
Something that lasts for a long period of time and can be used many times.  The choice to only take what you need.

Easiest sustainable habit you’ve managed to incorporate? 
Always carrying a water bottle and having a reusable razor.

Any unsustainable habits you’re trying to break? (none of us are perfect!)
Buying packaged foods - I had a garden for a while and had so much produce.  I’d like to be able to sustain myself from the land.

Book/song/movie you’ve recently recommended to someone? 
Book: Woman Code. 

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