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Safety Razor Blades - well kept
Safety Razor Blades - well kept

safety razor blades

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made of stainless steel
size Pack of 20 blades
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These double-edge, stainless steel safety razor blades glide over your skin, reducing irritation and ingrown hairs. They’re plastic free and cost cents rather than dollars. Furthermore, you can use them with any standard safety razor and recycle them with our blade bank program.

  • one single, sharp blade reduces irritation and ingrown hairs
  • made without drying soap strips or plastic
  • we recommend switching out your blades after 5-8 shaves
  • recycle your safety razor blades with our blade bank program

Using your safety razor isn’t complicated, you just have to get to know it. Start with our step-by-step guides on putting your razor together, changing your safety razor blade, and finding the very best shave.

How to use

Get started with our step-by-step videos on replacing your blade—it's not difficult, you just have to be a little more mindful (hello, sharp edges). We recommend switching blades after every 5-8 shaves.

Made with, made without

Our stainless steel safety razor blades are plastic free and made without the moisturizing strips often found on multi-blade cartridges.


  • made from 100% recycled material
  • produced in North America
  • Ethical Production

    Our blades are made in a large processing facility and we package them by hand in our Vancouver studio.

    End of Life

    You can recycle your safety razor blades with our blade bank program. Buy our blade bank, fill it with your used blades – it holds around 100 – and when it's full, send it back to us and we'll recycle everything, and send you a new, empty blade bank.

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