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If everyone in Vancouver discarded one razor cartridge a week it would equate to approximately 2,497 tonnes per year - that's 379 garbage trucks.

That's just Vancouver!

You can imagine how quickly that number grows when you consider all of Canada, North America, or even the world.

A seemingly tiny object we use briefly and toss aside has dire consequences when you consider the global scale.

Our Solution:

The Safety Razor


Why Switch to a well kept Safety Razor?

The shave is better.

  • a single sharp blade provides a close shave, while reducing irritation
  • weighted handle allows you to shave without applying any pressure, again, reducing irritation
  • occurrence of in-grown hairs is dramatically reduced
  • can be used with a moisturizing shave oil (shave and moisturize simultaneously)

It's a sustainable alternative to plastic disposable razors.

  • razor is made of solid brass and designed to last a lifetime
  • razor and blades are plastic free
  • blades are recyclable
  • packaging of both blades and razor are recyclable

It will save you money.

  • replacement blades are a fraction of the cost (we sell them for $0.70 vs. multi-blade cartridges that cost between $3-7)
  • although initially more expensive, after only two years, you will save at least $25 (the more shave, the more you save)
  • after five years that number increases to over $145

better shave

Better Shave

Sustainable Alternative

Cost Effective


The safety razor may seem intimidating at first, but we promise you it isn't.

well kept has carefully crafted written and video instructions on setting up your razor, as well as how to shave.

How to Assemble

How to Shave