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Why make the switch to a safety razor? 

Although it may seem intimidating at first, we promise in practice it really isn’t. 

better shave

  • A single sharp blade provides a close shave, while reducing irritation
  • Weighted handle allows you to shave without applying any pressure, again, reducing irritation
  • Occurrence of in-grown hairs is dramatically reducedCan be used with a moisturizing shave oil
  • Can be used with a moisturizing shave oil

sustainable alternative

  • Razor is made of solid brass and designed to last a lifetime
  • Razors and blades are plastic freeBlades are recyclable
  • Packaging of both blades and razor are recyclable

cost effective

  • Replacement blades are a fraction of the cost ($0.70 per blade vs $3-7)
  • Although initially more expensive, after only two years, a safety razor will save you at least $25 (the more you shave, the more you save)
  • After five years that number incase to over $145

The BEST razor ever!!! An enjoyable shaving experience resulting in the smoothest skin. Love that it’s practically zero waste – I’ll have this amazing razor my whole life!!


Thrilled with this purchase! Wanted a more sustainable option than disposable razors and couldn’t be happier. Great customer service. Shipped quickly. Appreciated the minimal and environmentally-friendly packaging. Clearly high quality product. Easy to use and pretty to look at! Love it! Worth the price!


I have been slowly but surely transitioning to a lower impact life and was so thrilled when I discovered Well Kept! Beyond that, the razor offers such a smooth shave! I was pleasantly surprised, as I had never used a single blade before. I will never go back to disposable blades.


This is the best razor I have ever used! I have incredibly sensitive skin, to the point where it was almost not worth shaving my legs. I never have sore bumpy legs anymore and will never use a different razor. I now look forward to using my exfoliating cloth on my legs (yay no mircoplastics!), and using the shave oil to have soft legs that don’t itch after shaving. I also love that I am not using up more plastic when I shave, and have found a local store that recycles the blades.


I’m so happy I made the change. I also adore the fact that this razor isn’t sparkly and actually looks like it’s owned by a grown woman! Getting this razor was my very first step in a journey to a more sustainable and considered lifestyle. I also love, love, love that the razor is sent in a cardboard box, with a wax seal(!), wrapped in craft paper, with a hand written address. It was amazing to receive something that didn’t have any plastic packaging, and that a real human had touched and taken the time to address! I’m also excited that I was able to support a local business and support independent business women.