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ingrown prevention full set
Ingrown Oil - well kept
Body Oil - well kept
Silk Sea Sponge, Extra Small - well kept
ingrown prevention full set
Ingrown Oil - well kept
ingrown prevention full set

ingrown prevention full set

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made of all natural ingredients
size 40ml ingrown oil, 120ml body oil, 40ml shave oil, small sponge, agave exfoliating cloth, and safety razor
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Ingrowns are a real pain—trust us, we know. We wanted to provide you with a set of the products you need to prevent and cure ingrown hairs. This set is for people who don't have a razor and need ALL the products to prevent skin irritation and ingrown hairs. If you have a razor already, check out our ingrown set which has the specific additional products you need. 

What's included in the ingrown prevention full set: 

  • all-natural ingrown oil that helps treat and prevent ingrown hairs
  • small sea sponge to gentle exfoliate skin prior to shaving
  • agave exfoliating cloth for more intense exfoliation on less sensitive areas 
  • safety razor to provide a close shave while reducing skin irritation 
  • shave oil to protect the skin while shaving 
  • all-natural body oil that hydrates and replenishes skin 

We know a lot about ingrown hairs and irritation, and have put together resources to help you cure and prevent them. Read more in the journal for all kinds of tips and tricks. 

How to use

Liberally apply after shaving and use it every day in spots where you often experience ingrowns—it's both preventative and curative.

Made with, made without

Our all-natural shave oil is made without parabens and other harmful chemical ingredients, which can also dry out and irritate your skin.


  • made from 100% recycled material
  • produced in North America
  • bottle:
  • made from recyclable glass that can be reused or recycled again
  • Ethical Production

    Our ingrown oil is hand-mixed and poured in our Vancouver studio, and never tested on animals. The box it comes in is made from cardstock formed from 100% recycled materials and printed and cut in Vancouver, Canada. The uncoated stock is processed without chlorine, too.

    End of Life

    Our ingrown oil comes in a glass bottle that can be reused over and over again, or popped into your curbside recycling alongwith the box and liner.