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how to care for your safety razor

If we want our products to last a lifetime, then we need to give a little extra TLC. We've pulled together some tips for increasing the longevity of your safety razor.  KEEPING YOUR THINGS WELL KEPT - our ongoing product care series.

We are all so programmed to leave our disposable, plastic razors on the side of the bath or sitting on the shelf in a pool of sudsy water. When using something that is intentionally disposable, why would we put consideration into properly taking care of our shaving tools.

This all changed once the safety razor entered my life — since they are not made out of plastic and can last you a lifetime, I want to provide a little extra TLC to increase it's longevity.

See below for 5 tips on how to care for your safety razor:

1. After each use, gently unscrew your safety razor head and rinse thoroughly with water — lightly tapping away any hair stuck between the blade and razor.

2. Every time you disassemble your razor to swap out your used blade for a new one, give your safety razor a thorough wash with soap and warm water  — we recommend you do this every 5 — 7 shaves. And safely throw away your used blade in our blade bank.  

3. Don’t use any rubbing alcohol or harsh disinfectants as this can strip away the anti-rust layer, lessening its life span.

4. Wipe dry and store in a non-humid place — avoid your razor sitting in a pool of water. Rather than leaving it laying on the wet shelf in the shower, try leaving it on a dry cloth. 

5. And of course, try not to drop your razor! For your sake, and the razors sake :) 

How do you care for your safety razor? Would love to hear in the comments below!