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tips and tricks to shaving bony areas

Knees, ankles, shins - those awkward bony areas that aren't always the easiest to shave. So we put together some tips for shaving these less than smooth areas. 

When it comes to shaving, not all areas of your body are to be treated the same. Grooming bony areas such as your knees, ankles and shins can be a bit intimidating at times, and not something to be done quickly with little thought.  We put together our top tips and a step-by-step guide on how to ensure a pain-free and knick-free shaving experience when grooming the trickier areas.

For all areas - always release ALL pressure from your safety razor — let it glide along your skin and apply zero pressure.

The key to shaving your ankles is small strokes. Think 1-2 inches long.
Doing one little stroke at a time means you can lightly maneuver around the bones and awkward angles. 

Similar to ankles, you want to work with small strokes to go with the curve of the knee. I personally like to have my knee partially bent so that the skin is flattened and tight, but not too tight and thin. I feel this prevents the skin from moving around while going over the knee, and creates a smooth surface for shaving. 

Some people have very bony/bumpy shins, so be aware of the texture of your shin before shaving right along it. If you have bumpy shins, we recommend small strokes to maintain control with a light grip on the handle of the razor. Again, apply zero pressure. 
I fortunately don't have bony shins, so I am able to glide up my shin in one smooth sweep, but I do so very lightly. 


And as always, follow the below steps for shaving all and any areas to get your best shave:

step 1— exfoliate

I realized when I was exfoliating around my ankles and knees that I never really pay attention to either of those areas with all of their shapes and curves. Exfoliating is not only good for the skin and prepares your skin for shaving, but it also helps you to get more familiar with your body. 


step 2 — apply oil or shave soap

gently massage shave oil or shave soap on to your skin prior to shaving to open up and relax the hair follicles and help the razor smoothly glide along the skin.


step 3 — go slow

Long strokes from the ankles to knee can be a challenge as the pressure of holding onto the razor can shift without you realizing and potentially cause nicks. Shaving slowly with little pressure in 1-2 inch strokes versus one long stroke enables you to pay closer attention to the area you are shaving and have better control over the pressure against the skin.


step 4 — be present

Turning off autopilot mode and focusing on being more present while shaving allows you to get to know the ridges, curves and lines of your bony areas like the knees, ankles, shins. Forget speed shaving, if you don't have time to do it properly with intention, why bother shaving at all?!


What are your ticks and tricks to shaving your tricky areas? Would love to know in the comments below!