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how to put together/change the blade of your safety razor


This is so simple, yet for those who’ve never done it, not immediately obvious. Your solid brass razor is comprised of three pieces to which you’ll add a fourth (the blade). I like to set up/change the blade of my razor before I hop into the shower or bath, dry hands make the whole process easier.

how to change the blade on your safety razor

Take hold of your razor in one hand, then grip the head of the razor in the other. Be sure to pinch from the top and bottom in order to avoid the blade which protrudes from the sides. Unscrew the handle and gently lay the pieces on whichever surface you’re working on. I tend to lay out a small towel so that the handle doesn’t roll away (painfully obvious I know, but I honestly had it roll off the counter twice before I thought of it).

If you’re changing out the blade this is a great time to give all three pieces a good rinse. If you’ve been using the shave oil, a quick bath in soapy water works really well (I usually use a bit of dish soap which cuts the oil no problem).

how to assemble your safety razor

Putting it back together is simple. Just position the blade onto the top cover (piece 1). Position the next on top of the blade ensuring the spacer (the elevated square visible on piece 3) touches the blade. If you place this piece backwards (see below) you’ll find it impossible to shave as the blade will be flush and won’t ever touch your skin. Finally, screw the handle back into place. Remember to hold the head steady from the top and bottom rather then sides in order to avoid pinching the blade (which will be brand new and sharp!). Screw the handle on firmly, you’ll notice the blade will flex a little, that’s totally normal :)

Watch the how to video here.


Make sure piece 3 has the round edge facing up and against the blade:safety razor trouble shooting 



Voila! Your razor is ready for action!

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My insanely talented friend Sarah Campbell did up these illustrations and my insanely talented husband shot a quick video.