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Pubic hair styling—there is no "normal"

In recent years, the topic of pubic hair styling has gained significant attention due to the influence of media, pornography, and societal expectations. The portrayal of pubic hair in various forms of media, including adult films and magazines, has shaped perceptions of what is considered "normal" or aesthetically pleasing. I know that for me, as a teenager, I was led to believe that having any pubic was “gross”—how sad and untrue is that?!

It is important to recognize that societal expectations regarding pubic hair are fluid and subjective, and personal preferences should always take precedence. Understanding the impact of media and pornography can help us navigate the complexities surrounding pubic hair styling and promote a healthier and more inclusive conversation about personal choices and body autonomy.

Here are some of the most common pubic hair styles:


This style involves leaving the pubic hair untouched, allowing it to grow freely without any trimming or grooming.

This style focuses on removing hair that would be visible while wearing a bikini or underwear. It involves trimming or shaving the hair along the bikini line to keep it neat and tidy.

In this style, a small triangular patch of hair is left in the pubic area while the rest is either trimmed or removed. The size and shape of the triangle can vary depending on personal preference.

This style involves leaving a narrow strip of hair in the center of the pubic area while removing or trimming the rest of the hair. The strip is typically straight and extends from the pubic bone to the top of the vulva.

The Brazilian style typically involves the removal of most or all of the pubic hair, including the hair on the labia and buttocks. The goal is to achieve a smooth and hair-free look in the entire pubic region. However, some variations of the Brazilian style may include leaving a small strip or triangle of hair in the front. The focus is on removing hair from areas that would be visible while wearing a swimsuit or underwear.

The Hollywood style is often considered the most extreme form of pubic hair removal. It involves the complete removal of all pubic hair, leaving the entire area completely smooth and hair-free. Unlike the Brazilian style, which may include leaving a small strip or triangle in the front, the Hollywood style eliminates all traces of pubic hair.


No matter the style you choose, it's essential to practice proper hygiene and follow safe grooming practices to avoid any potential skin irritation or discomfort as the skin in and around your pubic area is extremely sensitive. We go into how to remove pubic hair irritation-free here.

The most important factor is to choose a style that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and meets your personal preferences. Remember, there is no “normal”—don’t let anyone convince you otherwise!