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summer skin - exfoliation

What is the best thing you can do for your skin throughout the summer months (besides wear sunscreen)?

I think exfoliation is often an underrated routine, but the proof is in the healthy, glowing skin that you have after a consistent exfoliation routine. 

Summer months come with a lot of wear on our skin–from sweating in hot temperatures, jumping in the salty ocean, lathering on yet another layer of sunscreen to scrubbing it all off at the end of a long day. Needless to say, an inevitable sunburn here and there... which might turn into some peeling skin.... provides further damage to the skin.

The best way to take care of your skin during the summer is to exfoliate regularly–ideally a couple times a week. 

Exfoliation sloughs away the dirt and grim from the day, but more importantly takes off the dry skin cells that naturally build up. Once removing the dry skin, it allows new skin cells to regenerate. Exfoliation can also help blood flow to the surface of the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. And, in my humble opinion, looking younger (technically it IS younger skin cells showing through...). 

One of the other key benefits of exfoliation is that it helps to prevent ingrown hairs. Before shaving, exfoliating the skin will help remove dead skin cells, which, in turn, provides a closer shave. At the same time, exfoliating the skin in a circular motion helps to open hair follicles which will help to prevent ingrown hairs from forming when the skin regenerates. If you continue to gently exfoliate the days after shaving you will help keep hair follicles open and further prevent ingrown hairs.  

Tips on exfoliation:

  • Choose a product that feels good on your skin–everyone has a different tolerance for abrasiveness
  • You can exfoliate with or without a soap or body wash 
  • Let your skin soak for a few minutes before exfoliating to soften the skin, allowing more dry skin to be removed 
  • Move your exfoliating tool in circular motion on the skin to increase blood flow 
  • Rinse and pat dry after exfoliation 

Best well kept products for exfoliation:

Agave Exfoliating Cloth
Abrasiveness: Medium 
Made from natural agave fibers, this cloth can be used with or without soap and provides the perfect all body exfoliation. 

Agave Soap Saver
Abrasiveness: Medium
Made of the same agave fibers as the Agave Exfoliating Cloth, this provides an incredible exfoliation while at the same time cleansing your skin with the soap held inside the pouch. Great for exfoliating all over the body. 

Gourd Loofah
Abrasiveness: Hard 
Made of natural plant fibres, the Gourd Loofah softens when wet and provides an invigorating exfoliation. Not ideal for sensitive skin or sensitive areas, but feels amazing on legs and feet. 

Pumice Stone
Abrasiveness: Extreme
The Pumice Stone is our most abrasive product and is ideal for scrubbing extremely hard calloused skin. 

Medium & Large Sponges
Abrasiveness: Very Soft
The least abrasive of all our products these sponges are the gentle on the most sensitive skin. They create a light lather with soap and gently exfoliate the skin. These are great for exfoliating over the whole body.

Small & Extra Small Sponges
Abrasiveness: Soft
A little harder than the Medium & Large Sponges, these sponges will create a light lather and gently exfoliate the skin taking off more dead skin cells.