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content warning: self harm

Recently, we gifted a guest at an event a safety razor and blades. In full transparency, the thought had never crossed our minds that our product could be triggering to some. And to this guest it was.

Self-care runs a lot deeper than lighting some candles and having a bath. We wanted to make sure that we provided the right resources should there be any one that is in need of support or finds our product triggering.

We started well kept to create women’s essentials that cultivate routine and ritual, without hurting the earth. Sustainability has always been a founding principle, and we wanted to design products that aligned with our values, while, at the same time, disrupted the self-care industry. We applaud the momentum of the green beauty movement and are thrilled to see more and more consumers making conscious purchases.

What makes the safety razor so sustainable is that the handle is made to last a lifetime, and the blades are plastic free and recyclable – it’s a win-win on the sustainability perspective. But at the same time, these blades can potentially be triggering for those who have experience with self-harm or suicidality.

Self-harm is defined as intentional injury to skin tissues without the intent to die and is often associated with a razor blade (you can read more here). Having to handle the blade when changing the razor or even knowing the razor blade is in the house can feel unsafe to some. And for the guest that attended our event, they were triggering to the point where she could not keep them in her home. We acknowledge, with respect, that a safety razor is not for everyone. 

With sustainable options becoming more and more accessible, and the climate crisis becoming more apparent, it can sometimes feel like there is pressure to be perfect - like we must live a completely eco-friendly lifestyle, or we are failing. While we encourage everyone to make the most sustainable choices, we would never want that to come at the cost of one’s mental health.

We trust our customers to make the best decisions for their mental health and acknowledge that for some, the healthiest decision might not be a safety razor.  

If you or a loved one is struggling with self-harm or if you are in crisis, please contact emergency services (911) or the crisis line.  

Crisis Line (Canada):

For residents of Quebec, call:

Crisis Line (United States):

Crisis Line (UK):
116 123

Crisis Line (Australia):
13 11 14