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soap saving

There is something romantic about handmade soap – made with intention, mixed with natural ingredients, significant time goes into each and every bar: blending, cutting, curing, stamping, further curing. The whole process takes four to six weeks before the soap is ready to be used. We don’t try to rush products; quality takes time.

We are always focused on sustainability and creating as little waste as possible. Inevitably, there is some waste with production of any product. Over the past year we have been collecting soap scraps from our production. These soap pieces are trimmings and offcuts from our shave soap, so they work and smell exactly the same, but are small, seemingly unusable pieces.

We wanted to find a use for them, and, after some research and product testing, we realized that we could pop them into an agave bag made from the same agave fibers as our exfoliating cloth. This bag, otherwise known as a soap saver, is traditionally used with a full bar of soap, and because you can hang the bag and the way the soap interacts with the agave fibers, you reduce the amount of soap you go through; hence ‘soap saver.’ In our case, these are the perfect solution to make use of our soap scraps. Throw in a few pieces of soap and you have filled the bag similar to a full bar of soap.

We have been obsessed with our agave cloths for some time now as they really are the greatest exfoliator. Abrasive but soft, antimicrobial and long lasting. When soaked in water they become pliable and you can gently massage and exfoliate the skin. With soap in the soap saver, it provides a dual purpose of exfoliating and lathering the skin prior to shaving.

Soap + the perfect exfoliator - doesn’t really get much better than that!

Purchase the soap saver on its own or with soap scraps (at no extra cost).

Similar to our agave cloth, the soap saver is made in Mexico and part of a stewardship program that provides in school lunches. Learn about how the agave clothes are made here.


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