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tips on keeping productive while working from home

While many of you are just starting this whole work from home thing... Emilie and I have been doing it for a while so here are some of our tips on keeping productive and focused while working from ...

skincare: natural vs. synthetic

How can we differentiate between synthetic versus natural skincare, what do we need to know, and is the polarisation of the two even beneficial?

Bohème x well kept

We are so excited to share the Boheme x well kept collaboration that we have been working on with Sarah Shabacon of Bohème Goods. We’ve been long time fans of Sarah’s aesthetic and her taste in vi...

goodbye single-use plastics

the Canadian government has called for a ban of single-use plastic products, taking effect as early as 2021. With recent rhetoric, especially on social media, surrounding the topic of single-use pl...

all natural exfoliating

I grew up using loofas. We always had a few extra under the sink - Costco being the reliable supplier of plastic pink loofas. So, for my whole life I have loved a good exfoliation every shower - su...

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